Novade Platform

    • Improved Dashboard Designer’s Form Creation to create Forms only from the module where the dashboard is located. This will also use the corresponding Form Type’s creation method.

Novade Quality

    • Fixed issues:
      • The project was not displayed in a custom dashboard table
      • An error message appeared at times upon switching accounts
      • “FORM REPORT” title was added to the PDF export of forms
      • New subcons could not see created defects assigned to the company from the start
      • PDF export for defects
      • Filters in overview dashboard were not working
      • Defects by date dashboard was not displaying the correct number of cumulated WIP/rectified defects
      • The inspection type options were not in alphabetical order

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Web – Improved Project Default Dashboard Landing page (for Quality and Safety) to include Custom Dashboards
  • Added the ability of scanning an asset through a new button in a form and automatically filling up the form with information of the asset
  • Added a preview box to display the details of an Observation, when the user hovers their cursor on an Observation pin in the Unit Drawing
  • Fixed issues:
    • Filter tags not displaying correctly when filtered by a group in forms list page
    • Deleting a form did not redirect to the dashboard
    • Updating the meeting date or meeting conductor did not get updated in the form

Novade Site Diary

  • Fixed issues:
    •  A user could not access the Recycle Bin
    • Equipment dashboard was not working when displaying totals

Novade Activity

  • Fixed issue:
    • Individual tasks could not be archived
    • A task could not be created
    • An activity could not be created
    • Gantt charts could not be displayed

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issues:
    • A maintenance inspection form PDF could not be exported
    • There was an error when submitting a form
    • The duplicated action button was shown in the form

Novade People

  • Added the ability for Team Managers, People Power Users, and Admins to select multiple Profiles for a Team Transfer
  • Fixed issue:
    • Scheduled company transfers were being displayed as completed

Project Center

  • Added the ability to reorder workflow states for templates without any forms created from them
  • Web – Improved the menu name on the left panel to ‘Custom Dashboards’ in Project Centre
  • Fixed issues:
    • Project photos were displayed beside the title instead of under the title
    • The online guide link in setup ‘defect master list’ was broken
    • Online guide link in setup ‘form templates’ was broken
    • The progress by block dashboard was not working
    • Form status was not displayed in forms list
    • Some field type labels were not displayed correctly
    • New fields were not having the correct rank when added to a template with predefined fields