Novade Platform

    • Added the display name of attachments uploaded via the Photo field for main forms and subforms in the respective Photo field area in the PDF export
    • Fixed issues:
      • A broken PTW appeared in Form dashboard
      • Users not being able to log in using SSO on mobile if they have Microsoft Authenticator app

Novade Quality

  • Displayed company name of the uploader, if any, under the defect photo name on the defect view page
  • Web – Added the ability to see all the action required defect pins on the Unit Type drawings under the new Quality Object Tracker dashboard
  • Reopened defect photos will now be displayed separately in their own sections for clarity
  • Added the ability to sort defect photos by uploaded date in ascending or descending order
  • Display reopened defect photo sections and the company name of the uploader for defect photos in the PDF export
  • Fixed issues:
    • Select all is not available in defects table for a case
    • Table view setting of a template are not updated when a workflow state is renamed
    • Subcons being able to edit the confirmation date of a defect even if they do not have the corresponding user rights
    • Form Excel export that contained some values not correctly formatted
    • Defect description being displayed as a text instead of dropdown when lodging a defect on mobile
    • Defects by response time dashboard not being displayed
    • Some forms do not appear in My Actions
    • A homeowner account created on mobile is not correctly matching to its People record username

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability to enable or disable the Risk Level for Safety Actions
  • Added the ability to set qualification requirements for people added to the PTW, making it easier to check if the people have the right qualifications for the job
  • Fixed issues:
    • Meeting predefined fields not displayed in mobile Dashboard Designer

Novade Site Diary

  • Fixed issue:
    • Display of dashboards access if no custom dashboards are setup
    • Columns display and sorting not working in tables when some empty columns were removed
    • Slot night hours not correctly computed in some cases

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issue:
    • Wrong progress percentage displayed in inspections in which assets were not saved correctly
    • Missing template when showing the forms of an inspection in which assets were not saved correctly
    • The team manager was unable to start the job assigned to the team

Novade Workforce

  • Fixed issue:
    • Timecards being archived by the auto-archival even if they were part of the previous month

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • Power users could not update their profile’s language
    • Navigation arrows disappear when clicking on a tab of a person’s profile
    • People module can be slow when there is a lot of projects

Project Center

  • Added the ability to set up qualification requirements under the Qualification Check tab for ‘Safety – Permit to Work’ templates
  • Added admin audit logs for Quality and Safety Inspections to allow tracking of inspection deletion
  • Fixed issues:
    • Alert users on incorrect units setup input
    • Dates not being displayed correctly in other timezones
    • Novade Insights custom dashboard redirection is not redirected properly, and mobile custom dashboards having redirect button