Novade Quality

  • Web – added the ability for users to view Defect ID in the table if Project Level counter for Defects is enabled
  • Web – added dashboards for Request for Inspections
  • Mobile – added the ability for users to view the RFWI ID from the Inspections page

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the behaviour that it is mandatory for photos to be taken when a PTW is rejected

Novade Reports

  • Added the display of master list item information based on corresponding items in reports table – activity, headcount, equipment count, and supply
  • Web – added Cycles and Profiles to Activity/Breakdown Dashboard filters and display options
  • Added the display of profile theoretical values inside reports activities
  • Mobile – added the ability to select Cycle and Profile
  • Web – corrected the round-off errors in dashboards
  • Web – corrected an issue while highlighting values in the search bar

Novade Maintenance

  • Enhanced the display of equipment name on QR code export
  • Mobile – changed the list displayed when changing asset status from the ‘+’ icon

Novade Activity

  • Web – added a new page for administrator to easily restore Tasks

Project Center

  • Web – standardised the format of handover dates in Units Excel export to be the same as the import file