Novade Platform

    • Increased the maximum size of an image uploaded from 800px to 1280px

Novade Quality

    • Added the `Copy link` feature to Cases on web and mobile
    • Bug fixes:
      • Empty fields in the subforms of a PDF export was not correctly shown according to the template options
      • ‘Scope of Work’ property/column in the inspection template’s custom table view is showing unit information instead of scope of work
      • The unit type restriction was not applied when the form was created on mobile
      • Homeowner is not able to view archived cases
      • An incorrect running number was generated when inspections were reinspected
      • Request for inspection filters
      • Excel export of the defect by unit dashboard
      • On iOS where the bottom toolbar was hiding the last photo in a Defect
      • The form table view & export for some columns based on a workflow state which has a name change
      • Files uploaded in Draft are categorised under wrong status on form view > Files tab
      • Form history is showing a TypeError on mobile
      • Users were sometimes brought back to the homepage after doing specific actions
      • The counting of forms in unit dashboard designer
      • Photos pinned to drawings in a form go missing after the form submission
      • A user cannot confirm defect (cases are disabled) on mobile
      • On iOS where the bottom toolbar was hiding the ‘Reject’ button on a Request For Inspection

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability for contractors working on HDB projects to export Excels for PTWs as per HDB’s format
  • Added the ability for contractors working on HDB projects to export Excels for Actions as per HDB’s format
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The selected filter labels from other tabs are still displayed in the dashboard tab of a template that has a custom dashboard
    • The wrong project is displayed when viewing a form from an application level dashboard
    • 0 is not displayed in form view and PDF export
    • Users were sometimes brought back to the homepage after carrying out specific actions
    • User encounters ‘OutOfMemory’ error message on Android after pressing action button on PTW
    • All safety items that could not be deleted on mobile

Novade Reports

  • Bug fixes:
    • The activity custom field filters which were not working properly in the activity dashboard
    • Some activity custom fields being displayed in dashboards even if they were not supposed to

Novade Maintenance

  • Bug fixes:
    • Filter labels are appearing in recurring events
    • The content in the text fields cannot be saved
    • Unable to create new Maintenance requests

Novade Activity

  • Bug fixes:
    • My Actions section taking a long time to load on mobile due to a high number of tasks
    • Users cannot submit Task forms

Novade Workforce

  • Bug fixes:
    • User was seeing an error when clicking on the “Not Arrived” tab of the day’s timecards on mobile
    • The time options in iOS were not displaying properly and appeared in the middle of the page when check-in or check-out time for a user was selected

Novade People

  • Added the ability to allow admins to set a password expiry period
  • Bug fixes:
    • Power user able to edit the user’s projects access

Project Center

  • Added the ability to set a project as a “test/demo” project
  • Added the ability to define the Form Type for each template
  • Bug fixes:
    • Page navigation in quality user rights settings page
    • Client Admin can not access the templates


  • Bug fixes:
    • There was a mismatch of location data between asset view and asset edit page when scanning a unit QR code
    • Redirection after editing the picture of an asset on iOS