Singapore, 28 May 2020 – Novade, a leading smart field management software developer for the building and construction industry, announces the launch of its latest product, Novade Reports*. The new digital solution facilitates the capture of real-time production data, automates site diaries and enables monitoring of field productivity.

Keeping track of a project’s daily progress requires an exhaustively thorough record of all related tasks, resources and incidents. This process is usually a manual and time-consuming effort; teams can spend up to one hour a day reporting on their daily productivity and resource utilisation. The multitude of reporting formats required by stakeholders often leads to nonhomogeneous productivity data, multiple entries of the same data and data loss. At the end of a project, valuable actual productivity ratios are tedious to extract and aggregate.

With Novade Reports, mobile devices are used to capture critical information related to activities, workforce, supplies and equipment usage. Data is verified, easy to trace and automatically distributed in the right format. Site reports and project diaries can be generated in minutes for both clients and top management. Site supervisors can save 30 minutes on administrative tasks per shift, allowing more time to focus on site activities.

Project teams can monitor production and consumption, consolidated ratios and deviations in real time. Customisable dashboards enable in-depth analyses and offer insights on operations. Project teams can identify reasons for productivity highs and lows, gain insights on the teams’ efficiency and resource usage, and leverage project records to secure knowledge transfer. Eventually, the most accurate productivity ratios are gathered from past projects to deliver bids at the most competitive prices.

This launch comes right on the heels of Novade’s announcement of the successful completion of its Series B funding in April, promising an increase in technology and AI capabilities.

Novade Reports simplifies and automates the process of capturing, verifying, tracing, aggregating, and distributing project data, and offers the ability to generate site reports and diaries quickly and efficiently. This launch is the latest addition to Novade’s five existing modules, namely Quality, Safety, Maintenance, Workforce and Activity. It expands on Novade’s current digital solutions which covers all aspects of field management.

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About Novade

Founded in 2014, Novade is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally. Novade offers smart field management software for the building and construction industry. Site processes including quality, safety, task coordination, workforce management, and maintenance are digitised and automated using mobile devices. The data captured provides insights to streamline operations and drive results. Leading contractors, real estate developers, owners, and operators around the world trust Novade to drive their digital transformation.

Novade is an SG:D Accredited company under the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), a national agency of the Singapore government.

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*Novade Reports has been renamed to Novade Site Diary.