Elevating lift maintenance: The impact of digital tools in the field

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Article

The adherence to lift maintenance standards is a critical aspect of building management worldwide. With regional safety protocols ranging from Singapore’s SS550 to the ASME A17.1 in the United States, Europe’s EN 81 series, and Australia’s AS 1735, the need for a streamlined process is evident. Digital tools such as lift maintenance software have emerged as key players in improving the efficiency of maintenance operations, offering a platform that integrates digital forms, tasks, photos, drawings, and documents to ensure compliance with these global standards.

The digital edge in lift maintenance compliance

Global lift maintenance standards require an integrated, accurate, and simplified approach to compliance. Digital tools like elevator maintenance software provide this by digitising the maintenance process, thus enhancing the efficiency of operations across the board.

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Incorporating digital tools for compliance with international standards

  • Digital forms and record keeping: Digital tools facilitate the creation and management of digital forms, allowing for precise data entry and maintenance of logs that meet international standards like SS550, ASME A17.1, EN 81, and AS 1735.
  • Task management and scheduling: Customisable digital tasks and scheduling within digital platforms ensure that maintenance activities are conducted according to the specific intervals mandated by different standards, enhancing efficiency and compliance.
  • Integration of photos and visual documentation: The ability to upload and associate photos with maintenance records within these digital tools provides clear, visual evidence of maintenance work and conditions, a requirement often emphasised in safety standards.
  • Access to drawings and technical documents: These tools offer a repository for storing and accessing lift drawings and technical documents, enabling maintenance teams to adhere to various standards’ technical specifications.
  • Comprehensive documentation and reporting: Digital platforms can consolidate diverse forms of documentation into comprehensive reports, demonstrating compliance with international lift safety standards.

Advanced features of digital tools for record-keeping and data retrieval

  • Comprehensive digital logging: Digital tools enable the creation of detailed digital logs for each maintenance activity. These logs are meticulously structured to align with the requirements of different standards, ensuring that all necessary information is captured and stored systematically.
  • Effortless data retrieval: With intuitive interfaces, these tools offer significant advantages in retrieving maintenance records quickly and efficiently, whether for audits, inspections, or compliance checks.
  • Organised documentation: Beyond basic logging, digital tools and lift maintenance software organise all forms of maintenance documentation, including digital forms, inspection reports, and compliance certificates, in a centralised database. This organisation is crucial for maintaining a clear and comprehensive maintenance history.
  • Enhanced accessibility and security: Cloud-based storage systems like Novade Lite not only provide secure access to maintenance records, but also ensure that these records are accessible from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly beneficial for teams working across different locations or for companies operating internationally.
Malaysia Qlassic device screenshots


The integration of digital tools in lift maintenance is a forward-thinking solution to the challenge of meeting international standards. The ability of lift maintenance software to handle digital forms, tasks, photos, drawings, and documents in a unified system streamlines the maintenance process, ensuring rigorous compliance and enhanced safety globally. As the shift toward digital solutions gains momentum, the adoption of these tools signals a new era of efficiency, safety, and compliance in global lift maintenance.

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