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Powerful, easy to use job management app for specialist contractors

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Powerful, easy to use job management app for specialist contractors

Efficient project management is essential for the successful installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Novade Lite, a powerful field service management software, offers HVAC companies a comprehensive solution to streamline their processes. In this article, we will explore how Novade Lite can enhance project management and safety compliance, facilitate the evaluation and removal of old systems, optimise installation and commissioning, and simplify maintenance for air conditioning projects.

Project management

Novade Lite HVAC service software facilitates project management for small businesses HVAC system projects. Contractors can create digital projects, centralising essential information such as project details, customer information, and target schedules. By uploading site surveys, proposals, contracts, and technical drawings, all stakeholders remain updated with the latest project information. Novade Lite also provides task assignment, progress tracking and scheduling features, enabling efficient allocation of resources and ensuring timely project completion.

Safety compliance

Ensuring safety compliance is paramount in HVAC projects. Novade Lite provides tools to support contractors in maintaining a safe working environment. The HVAC service software allows contractors to conduct safety inspections and risk assessments digitally, ensuring that safety requirements are met before work orders begin. By utilising checklists and standardised procedures, contractors can verify that safety protocols are followed throughout the project. Novade Lite also enables the documentation of safety incidents and near misses, facilitating proactive measures for continuous improvement in safety practices.

Evaluation and removal of old systems

For renovation projects, the evaluation and removal of old HVAC systems is crucial. Novade Lite’s HVAC contractor software offers specialist contractors a systematic approach to assess existing systems. Contractors can create digital checklists to evaluate the condition, performance, and compliance of old systems. This facilitates decision-making regarding system removal, replacement, or refurbishment. By digitising this process, contractors can streamline documentation and ensure compliance with regulations and HVAC industry standards.

Powerful, easy to use job management app for specialist contractors

Installation and commissioning

Novade Lite’s HVAC dispatch software provides specialist contractors with the tools to ensure standardised and documented processes during installation and commissioning. By creating digital forms and checklists tailored to specific tasks, contractors can guide their teams through each step of the process. These checklists can include items such as equipment setup, electrical connections, system testing, and calibration procedures. By following these standardised processes, contractors can improve efficiency, reduce errors, maintain consistent quality across their projects, and enhance customer service.


Routine preventive maintenance is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of HVAC systems. Novade Lite simplifies this process by allowing contractors to create digital forms specifically designed for maintenance activities. Contractors can define the necessary steps, including inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and component replacements. Field technicians can access these digital forms on the Novade mobile app, ensuring that all required tasks are completed systematically. In the event that additional follow-up actions or repairs are required, contractors can create tasks within the HVAC business software, assign them to the responsible parties, and monitor their completion. All this data can easily be aggregated in reports and shared with clients to facilitate payment process. The data can also be kept as records, easily accessed by technicians for future maintenance activities and customer support.


Novade Lite offers specialist contractors many benefits of HVAC software to streamline project coordination, customer management, safety compliance, removal, installation, commissioning and maintenance for HVAC projects. By utilising digital checklists, standardised templates, and real-time communication, contractors can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance throughout the project lifecycle. Novade Lite empowers contractors to deliver high-quality installations, achieve timely completion and provide superior maintenance services.

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