Novade Product Update for April 2021


New Assets module for Novade Reports users

From 06 May 2021, users of the Novade Reports module will be able to easily record, view, and manage project equipment, meter readings, and certifications in the new Assets module. Available on both mobile and web devices, this new module simplifies and streamlines the process of managing assets during projects. More information is available here

Users of Novade Quality and Novade Safety-HSE modules are also able to store their signatures when they digitally sign off quality and safety forms, checklists, and permits to work (PTWs) on mobile devices. This feature can be enabled by admin users in Project Centre.

Novade Quality

  • Added reminder notifications for overdue/outstanding inspections
  • Modifications:
    • Mandatory forms in the Unit view to be grouped by template
    • The behaviour of filters on the inspection dashboard to apply to units clicked on
  • Improved the filters on My Actions to make them consistent with Safety -> My Tasks
  • Fixes:
    • The new case ID padding showing on WIP cases
    • Photos being split across two pages in PDF exports
    • No spaces between words in dates on the web
    • The display of dates in Excel export of forms
    • The format of comments in PDFs exported to email
    • Displaying custom dashboards inside a module
    • Workflow stages were not appearing in duplicated forms
    • The count of forms being different for different type of users
    • A customised display configuration in the Unit Status dashboard was not displaying properly in the Tracking tab
    • The spatial hierarchy only showing two levels instead of three when creating a form
    • The visibility of draft forms in the Forms by Type dashboard
    • Creating the next form in a sequence when the previous form is archived
    • Some API calls not being available
    • The legibility of comments when cases are exported to Excel
    • Archived items not being fully restored

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Web:
    • Observations – added a pie chart for displaying Observations by category
    • PTWs – added a column in the Excel export to indicate whether a PTW is archived or not
    • Actions – added average response time for New to Closed and Confirmed to Rectify on the Actions by Type dashboard
    • Added notifications for outstanding/overdue forms and PTWs
  • Fixes:
    • Users were unable to click on some Observations on mobile
    • When a PTW was being duplicated, the geotags of the photos associated with the PTW were not duplicated
    • Removing the Create Inspection function was still available even after the Inspections functionality was disabled
    • The count of observations in the left pane on the web did not include archived numbers
    • The submit button was displaying even when a workflow was not set up

Novade Reports

  • Major improvement of the report duplication function
  • Added the ability to add elements to a report from the activity breakdown page
  • Added the ability to export the reports logs of a chosen time frame or specific reports in Excel
  • Fixes:
    • The cumulative meters were not created properly when duplicating a report

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixes
    • Client admins were unable to delete photos from Assets
    • Importing jobs via Excel

Novade Activity

  • Added planned and actual start and end dates in the table view on the Web for activities
  • Fixes:
    • Multiple copies of a form linked to a task could not be created directly from the + button on the Web
    • Deleted activities in tracking mode being restored automatically

Project Center

  • Added the ability to export deleted items log to Excel automatically
  • Improved search capability
  • Fixes:
    • The format of a downloaded custom report being incorrect
    • Accessing a template workflow
    • Importing drawings to a new project
    • Activities linked to a tag that does not exist were unclickable
    • Duplicated display of projects and blank screen
    • Project images not displaying on the web

Novade Insights

  • Novade Quality & Novade Safety-HSE: Forms tables – combine forms table across different modules to improve the dashboard performance
  • Forms tables – provide access to any field value through drilling down
  • Overall: data quality improvement, streamlining the custom dashboard process building and deployment for client
  • Fixes:
    • Some databases were not updated daily
    • Quality adoption – quality forms are shown in green when number of forms increase, reflecting a positive increase. A decrease in the number of forms will be shown in red
    • Observation – custom observation categories were not reflected on the observation dashboard