Novade Product Update for August 2021


Brand new RFWI feature for Novade Quality users

From 06 September 2021, Novade Quality users will be able to easily create, link, and monitor inspections through a single request using the new Request for Work Inspection (RFWI) feature. Available on both mobile and web devices, the latest RFWI function will help contractors, consultants, and developers achieve greater visibility while managing inspections separately from the other forms. More information available here.

A new activity summary dashboard has also been added to the Novade Reports module. Through the web dashboard, users can easily view and filter accumulated production field data for all activities – right from the start of the project.

Novade Quality

  • Inspections – added a right for the “Mark as Failed” function. This enables more control over who can mark an inspection as failed
  • Forms – improved the PDF export for forms with punch defects to optimise space by removing the defect summary page and pagebreak
  • Added the ability to require mandatory photos and comments at any stage of the workflow of a defect
  • Added the ability to customise the names for Inspections to be similar to Cases and Forms
  • Web:
    • Added “Rectified Date” to the Excel export of defects
    • Added a legend to the By Defect – Unit heat map view
    • Added a column in the Excel export of forms to indicate whether a form is archived or not
    • Added the ability to multi-select defect locations and types in filters
    • Improved the table view of forms to be able to add the full date and timestamp as a column
    • Added a check to ensure that forms with mandatory signatures cannot be submitted from the web without adding the signatures
    • Improved the search bar to be able to search for a project by name
  • Mobile – improved the UI to be able to see the full name of forms by moving the template name to the top blue bar
  • Fixes:
    • The default width of columns in table views being incorrect
    • Target dates not considering timezones and hence displaying incorrectly after being set
    • ‘My Actions’ showing incorrect numbers on the mobile
    • Subforms showing location as N/A instead of the location of the main form
    • Client Admins and Novade Admins were unable to delete duplicated Inspections
    • The first mandatory template was displaying as rank two in the pagination
    • Saving the width of a column in the table view
    • Standard users unable to create mandatory forms
    • Geolocated forms displaying incorrectly and sometimes disappearing form the map if a photo is attached to a form
    • Units not exporting according to rank when exporting the display configuration Excel
    • Export of case list by area not working properly
    • A pop-up display prompting users to complete a case when not all defects are completed yet
    • Bulk importing defects since assignees were groups
    • Homeowners could add more than five photos if the photos are mandatory
    • The Excel export of defects from a unit view not showing all the assignees

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Observations – added a notification to the creator of an Observation when it is closed
  • PTW – modified the behaviour of Revoke for subcon users such that they can only revoke their own permits before approval
  • Web – added the ability to multi-restore archived items from the unit view and improved the UI and UX with the addition of filters
  • Web – added the ability to enable/disable standard dashboards
  • Fixes:
    • The number of Actions being displayed incorrectly after the restoration of archived items
    • Adding users to a workflow for Meetings
    • The Excel export of PTWs not showing all the content
    • Not being able to view the qualifications of people added to a PTW
    • Multiple items of the same category being highlighted in the left pane when selecting only one. For e.g., selecting Types under PTWs highlighted Types under Forms and Incidents as well
    • All user types were unable to Revoke approved PTWs – related to the restriction imposed on subcon type users
    • The filter by Creator was not working
    • Deleting Observations

Novade Reports

  • Additions:
    • A new activity summary dashboard
    • Input activities in reports via a table view
    • Add timecards, headcount, equipment and supplies directly from the activity “breakdown” tab on mobile
    • New display options and filters in workforce dashboard
    • Multiselect activities and delete a batch
    • Review duplicated reports due to synch errors
    • Duplicate an activity within the same report
    • Signature storage feature
  • Changed the export by mail to a direct download for dashboard detailed exports
  • Fixes:
    • The deletion of custom fields using the three dots
    • An error message at the opening of Reports module
    • Ticking a checkbox after adding timecards to a report
    • The creation of an activity when trying to “Associate an activity” from a supply use
    • The access to Reports module
    • The selection of items after using the search bar
    • Checkbox of bonuses

Novade Maintenance

  • Added options to make it mandatory to link at least one form template to a job
  • Modified behaviour of creating jobs: jobs are now created only after the Save button is clicked instead of being created as soon as Create Job is clicked
  • Fixes:
    • Filters for asset groups not working well
    • An error message when viewing staff info
    • The word “days” not displaying on a custom frequency created in days
    • The Excel export of recurring events using “,” instead of “|” between team names causing import errors
    • Managers being unable to start inspections assigned to his team
    • A power user who is a manager unable to create requests on mobile

Novade Workforce

  • Fixes:
    • A Novade Admin user was unable to modify check-in/check-out time
    • Managers being able to check-in/out a worker in the future
    • A manager is unable to stop activity for all users

Novade Activity

  • Fixes:
    • When tasks are unarchived, the forms linked to these tasks are not displayed under forms
    • Pagination in Files not working
    • Updating tasks via Excel
    • Newly added tasks in an Activity template were not displaying in the rank order
    • The display of 3D models
    • Filters not working properly under Activities

Novade People 

  • Fixes:
    • A “|” character being added to group names in exported excel files causing an error when reimporting

Project Center

  • Fixes:
    • Deleting Safety data from projects not working correctly and leaving Observations undeleted
    • Deleting units when there are over 1000 archived records
    • Deleting conditions from a conditional workflow
    • Inspection templates were allowed to be added via forms configuration
    • New units could not be added manually if the previous two hierarchies were blank
    • Mandatory templates were not removed from units automatically if the template was removed from the project
    • Exported Defect Master lists showing duplicate rows


  • Fixes:
    • Storage for Certificate edition
    • The Equipment Excel import
    • The creation of custom fields

Novade Insights

  • Improved loading time for PTW dashboards by reducing complexity of query
  • Improved the overall data quality by better managing records with mistake input in their field (date being some test instead of a date, people name being a value etc.)
  • Added subform numbers into Quality & Safety forms dashboard and adoption points
  • Improved the data quality in the process of archived and live data merging
  • Fixes:
    • A duration calculation formula on case analysis dashboard
    • Renamed form status from ‘created’ to ‘draft’ for better user understanding

Novade Connect

  • Additions:
    • The table task completion on Report module available for API call
    • A new API to upload photo files to be linked to Quality defects and Safety actions
    • Automatically update BCA Access Codes via CSP (Construction Safe Platform) pilot launch for all ADS clients
    • A new Novade API for Singapore CSP Access Codes to be updated
    • Transfer Maintenance inspection jobs PDF files from Novade to Procore
    • Link a BIM 360 project to a Novade project for integration setup
    • Send bulk user profiles from Novade to Adera thermal scanner
  • Fixes:
    • Too many requests to CSP portal (high traffic volume in the morning) by staggering the requests across a wider time frame
    • The “Sync People” button caused lag time for many users