Novade Product Update for June 2021


New dashboard in Novade Reports shows worked hours and production ratios

Users of the Novade Reports module will be able to gain a comprehensive view of the worked hours and production ratios of an activity through a new dashboard. Available on web, this feature captures each activity and timecard data, enabling users to easily monitor productivity daily.

Improvements have also been made to the Activity table in Novade Reports. Users are now able to see all details of daily activities in a Gantt Chart. This latest enhancement will further increase efficiency as users are able to effortlessly visualise the start and end time, as well as the duration for each task.

In Novade Safety-HSE’s Observations, some of the terminologies have been modified to make clear the origin of the observation. Instead of Contributor, the term now used is Source to ensure explicitness that the observation is originated from that person/company and not to confuse it with the person/company reporting the issue.

Novade Quality

  • Added a check to prevent the duplication of photos if they are to be taken by camera only
  • Added the Unit Ref to the list of available filters
  • Modified the logic of labelling defect photos as Before or After Rectification. Now, when a photo is added to a defect in the Draft/New stage, it is automatically labelled as Before Rectification no matter who adds the photo
  • Improved UI to hide spatial hierarchy levels if none exists for that level of the hierarchy
  • Improved performance on some pages
  • Web:
    • Added an additional “days since confirmation” column in Excel export of Case list
    • Added the option to filter forms by creation date range
    • Improved search to include all table views
  • Fixed issues:
    • Closed defects were still showing in CC person’s My Actions
    • Subcon users not being able to edit subforms
    • Some users not being able to see drawings
    • Overlapping text when right-clicking to select a unit status on the By Status dashboard
    • Units not being displayed in the correct order on the Mobile by Status dashboard
    • Duplicating photos with checklists related to the new check to prevent duplication if they are taken by the camera
    • When the Store Signature function is activated on existing projects, forms do not have a signature in the history because the user has not signed and stored a signature yet
    • Filters not working when exporting defects to Excel
    • Creating a form after cancelling the previous creation flow
    • Exporting attached files to a form to PDF
    • Sorting cases by Closing Date not working on mobile
    • Sorting case comments by date
    • Multi-select for hierarchy levels 1 and 2 not working when there is no unit selected
    • Subcon accounts were not able to search properly
    • When removing mandatory templates from a unit type, the form IDs were still displaying
    • Users without the rights to create a form were able to do so
    • Filters not working on table views of workflow stages
    • Too much time being taken to add a comment to a defect as a subcon
    • The format of date and time for defects in mobile
    • Subcons were able to see files uploaded to a unit
    • Photos being cut off at the end of a PDF export
    • The spatial hierarchy selection was not available when creating an Inspection
    • The User field in a template was not displaying a list of users
    • Tracking dates not updating correctly due to time zone difference
    • Only the Other Defect Type was available when lodging a defect
    • Deactivated accounts were still showing in the next steps of a workflow
    • Quality and Project Center filters being linked
    • An incorrect display of dates in the Case table view when there is a language other than English
    • Comments disappearing when an inspection is closed
    • Errors when clicking to view the history of people in charge of the next step in a form workflow
    • An empty page or line being appended at the end of a PDF export
    • Being redirected to the Create New wizard after completing the creation of a form

Novade Safety-HSE

  • PTWs & Inspections – added checks and options to ensure users don’t duplicate photos when duplicating PTWs
  • Observations – changed the terminology of Contributor & Contributor Type to Source & Source Type
  • Actions – Actions linked to an Observation will now be included in the PDF export
  • Improved search on the web to include all tables
  • Improved UI to hide spatial hierarchy levels if none exists for that level of the hierarchy
  • Fixed issues:
    • A blank screen when clicking on the Safety-HSE module
    • The Closed Forms per Day graph in the Safety Overview dashboard not displaying accurate numbers
    • Only one item was available to select in the spatial hierarchy
    • A performance issue when opening safety forms
    • Archival not working properly
    • When the Store Signature function is activated on existing projects, forms do not have a signature in the history because the user has not signed and stored the signature yet
    • A performance issue on My Tasks page
    • Stored signatures not displaying on mass exported PDFs
    • PDFs being truncated
    • WPTWs being used for longer than 7 days having overlapping display issues when exporting to PDF
    • Navigating to the next photo on the web

Novade Reports

  • Major improvement to dashboards
    • Client Admins have the ability to decide which dashboards are available to all users
    • Added total production and total duration columns in Ratio dashboards
    • Display of 3-letter abbreviation for absentees in the Workforce dashboard
  • Web:
    • Added the ability to see Reports’ Activities in a Gantt chart
    • Added the ability to export reports in JSON format
    • Improvement of the UI of the linked resources page of an Activity
    • Improved UI for Activities and Equipment tables in a report
  • Added checkboxes as a new type of bonus
  • Added the ability to search Activities by their name
  • Ability to see users that have already been checked-in or marked as absent when adding timecards to a report

Novade Maintenance

  • Web – added a column for Severity in the Excel export of Jobs
  • Fixed issues:
    • Navigating to the next page in the table view of Asset groups
    • Navigating to the next page on the import errors view
    • Team Managers not receiving push notifications when requests are created on Assets under their management

Novade Activity

  • Web:
    • Improved search to include all the tables
    • Added the ability to display 3D models linked to Units
  • Fixed issues:
    • Users see tasks they are assigned to in My Actions
    • Users without the rights to do so were able to start and complete tasks
    • Managers of teams were not able to see tasks assigned to a sub-team
    • The signature was not displaying in the PDF export of an Activity form
    • All the signatures were not being displayed in the history tab

Novade People 

  • Web:
    • Improved search to include information of all pages in tables
    • Added the ability to add AI camera iFrames with a configurable URL
  • Fixed issue:
    • Missing Project Ref No/Unique identifier from the Excel export for project location check-ins

Project Center

  • Added the ability to delete multiple fields from a form template at the same time
  • Fixed issues:
    • The import of Defect v/s Contractor list where the imported default group names were not displaying in the user interface
    • Adding Custom Dashboards on mobile if one did not already exist
    • Editing issue types in Safety-HSE if there are no sub-types


  • Web – added the ability to link files to an Equipment
  • Web – added the ability to multi-select and delete custom fields
  • Added the display of the previous reading when recording a new meter reading

Novade Insights

  • Streamlined the custom dashboard production process, making it a shorter delivery for forms-related custom dashboard
  • Optimised concurrent operation performance on the server
  • Fixed issues:
    • The user was not able to connect on Insights due to the Single Sign-On (SSO) issue
    • The user was not disconnected from Insights after logging out
    • The user does not see the right number of forms
    • Data discrepancy in the “Defects per Unit” indicator on the Project Benchmark tab and Unit tab in the Quality module
    • Data discrepancy of “Created PTWs” on the Overview tab and PTWs in Safety-HSE module
    • The user gets daily data updates of two days prior
    • Some users get nonpractical default filters on Quality dashboards

Novade Connect

  • Added the ability to create people profiles on Novade directly from the Pensees platform for a quicker set up
  • Fixed issues:
    • Photos sent to BIM360 were not updated after modification such as adding a markup
    • The creation of an automated process to deal with factors that can cause failed jobs in Workbench
    • Some tasks were not transferred between Workbench and Novade by rerunning the transfer of data