Novade Product Update for March 2022


Simplify project management and scheduling with the latest Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM integration

We’ve ended the first quarter of 2022 on a high with the launch of the Novade and Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM integration. Whether you are working on a large-scale infrastructure or a simple commercial or residential building project, this integration will help you save time by reducing delays and risks, gaining visibility of project progress, and enhancing collaboration between different stakeholders. More information on how you can bridge your progress field data with project management data here.

Novade Quality

  • Improved PDF exports to be able to have configurable column widths
  • Added the ability to copy the form URL to share with other users
  • Fixed issues:
    • Landscape drawings getting compressed when exporting defects pinned on it
    • The incorrect number showing on defect pins after 100
    • Selected location after lodging a defect was shown duplicated

Novade Safety-HSE

    • Improved the UX to allow users to go directly to creating a form if only Forms is the only functionality enabled
    • Included Rejected subforms of PTWs in auto-archival
    • Added the ability to copy the form URL to share with other users
    • Added the ability to assign Actions to individual subcon users
    • Fixed issues:
      • Files attached to a form were not being exported to PDF
      • Accessing the PTW status dashboard

    Novade Reports

    • Web additions:
      • A “My actions” filter to only display Team Reports with a pending action
      • Perform bulk actions on Team Reports
      • Activity template external fields and planned dates in the Activities summary dashboard
    • Additions:
      • Input a start time and an end time in absences
      • Create several absences of different types for the same person in the same day
      • Input a decimal value for the breakdown of headcount and equipment count
      • Display activities in chronological order in the PDF export of a site diary
      • Use an asset in all the projects of the site it’s linked to
      • Display the name of a step even after its deletion in the history of a Team Report/Site Diary that has gone through this step
    • Fixed issues:
      • A difference in worked hours total between breakdowns and activities dashboards
      • Breakdown data linked a deleted activity which had not been deleted due to a synchronisation issue

    Novade Maintenance

    • Additions:
      • More details to the display of Inspections and Jobs in the calendar view
      • Import and export recurring events via Excel
      • Filters for groups and Inspection Classification and Priority to the calendar and Inspections Status views
    • Fixed issues:
      • Users receiving notifications from Projects they are not assigned to

    Project Center

    • Additions:
      • An OnChange section for the QR Code Parser field
      • View statistics on users connecting to Novade
      • Hide table views in dashboards created using Dashboard Designer
      • Click on and edit a form field displayed in dashboards created using Dashboard Designer
    • Fixed issues:
      • When deleting a project, the project id remains in unit and project custom fields


    • Redirected API calls to Assets instead of Maintenance
    • Fixed issues:
      • Exported Excel for Assets not having a Block and Level column to facilitate easy import
      • Filters for equipment not applying to the exported Excel list
      • Importing Equipment using the Excel Import

    Novade Connect

    • Added multiple actions to Novade Connector SDK, including the ability to create a new activity template with both standard fields and custom fields
    • Added the ability to see the daily progress and materials consumption data from Novade Reports to a Primavera P6 project
    • Added the ability to have on-demand trigger of sending planned data from Primavera P6 project to Novade Reports activity templates
    • Fixed issues:
      • Pensees 500 Internal Server Error when retrieving employee records
      • Duplicates of user from synchronisation of Novade to Pensees
      • Unable to connect to Primavera P6
      • Novade (s2) API outage