Novade Product Update for November 2021


Putting the power in your hands: Visualise project data with your very own custom dashboards

Dashboards are a fantastic way for you to use your project data to visualise specific metrics, compare data, and track key performance indicators. With Novade’s do-it-yourself Dashboard Designer, Novade Admins will be able to easily build a custom dashboard template in just a few clicks – no coding skills necessary. Based on the projects, Admins will be able to add and combine elements such as forms, filters, tables, indicators, and charts, to create the dashboards on the web. The dashboards can then be viewed on web and mobile devices.

Novade Quality

  • Improved dashboards for Request for Work Inspections (RFWIs)
  • Added the ability to create a form from the form template view
  • Added the ability to add forms to a list of favourites
  • Improve the API to create multiple units
  • Added the ability to upload files to unit types, therefore enabling the ease of uploading the same files to multiple units
  • Added the ability to cc people from a form field to a workflow step
  • Web:
    • Changed the label of the tab “With all completed defects” to “with completed defects” to be more accurate
    • Added closed defects to the top 5 assignees widget on the Overview dashboard
    • Added the ability to mark as read notifications for mismatched timestamps
    • Added assistive text to explain Outstanding defects on the “By Date” dashboard
    • Enhanced the Excel exports from Defects by Type dashboard
    • Added Custom PDF capabilities
    • Inspections – improved the Excel export of RFWIs and Inspections to include more fields than are visible in the table view
    • Inspections – improved the PDF exports of RFWIs to include any attached PDFs
  • Mobile – added the same filters that exist on the web for map views of units
  • Fixes:
    • Navigation arrows for defects not appearing in the case view on the web
    • Novade & Client Admin users were unable delete Rejected RFWIs
    • The counter offset not working for RFWIs
    • The RFWI template counter not being able to be reset
    • Sorting by date on the Quality Form dashboard on the web
    • Subcons being able to lodge defects even when they did not have the rights
    • Reinspected Inspections could not be deleted
    • Users without create Inspection rights were able to create Inspections on the web
    • Users being unable to view the workflow history on a form
    • Users were unable to set scheduled confirmation date time on the web
    • The number of rejected defects did not include archived defects
    • RFWIs and Inspections were showing up under My Actions even for users who did not have the right to perform further action
    • Photos linked to unit types were not visible on mobile
    • The display of legends on the Quality Overview dashboard being cut off
    • Common area type locations could not be selected while lodging a defect
    • Defect filters not working properly on the mobile
    • Error message when selecting units and type other for units without a unit type
    • Inspections not showing in My Actions of the assignee if the user is in the workflow of the Inspection
    • An incorrect number showing in My Actions for RFWIs
    • Users other than the creator were able to submit duplicated RFWIs
    • The PDF of a case with defects pinned on a drawing could not be exported
    • The number of RFWIs being displayed for specific Inspection types was actually the overall number
    • Forms with pinned drawings could not be exported to PDF
    • Custom fields being left out of the PDF
    • Workflows and signatures being missing from a batch export of PDFs
    • The Cause column not being populated in the table view of Actions by Status for French databases
    • Users not being able to edit an Action before confirming even if they have the rights
    • Loading Safety dashboards properly
    • The label of Source changing to Contributor when editing an Observation

Novade Safety-HSE

    • Improved the Search bar function to include People
    • Added auto archival for Actions/NCRs & Observations
    • Fixes:
      • Subcon type user was unable to see forms created by other applicant in the same company

    Novade Reports

    • Additions:
      • Fetch equipment usage data from an external software
      • See all the activities of a cycle in a timeline grid
      • Create & update custom field targets using the Novade API
      • Create & update activity planned dates using the Novade API
      • Update an activity template using the Novade API
      • Display people standard & custom fields in Workforce Dashboards
      • Switch a timecard to an absence and vice-versa
    • Fixes:
      • Reports that were not going back to the correct step of the workflow when their current step was deleted
      • Equipment usage data that were not retrieved for the correct date when fetching them from an external software
      • Pagination that was not kept in memory when navigating through pages

    Novade Maintenance

    • Additions:
      • Mass schedule Recurring Inspections for Assets with Meters
      • Show the Asset description when selecting an Asset for a Request/Job on mobile
    • Fixes:
      • Importing Assets via Excel due to shift of columns in the Excel
      • Clicking ‘To Complete’ on the Request dashboard had no response
      • Data not updating when switching between filters Inspections to Meter readings
      • Meter Reading Jobs were showing up under the scheduled tab for Inspections instead of Meter Readings
      • The API for Jobs and Inspections was not working
      • Deleting requests that do not appear to have any jobs linked

    Novade Activity

    • Fixes:
      • Units on the dashboard showing as having No Activity even though they are linked to Activities
      • Inconsistent display on the unit summary dashboard when filters are applied
      • Viewing photos attached to a task
      • The percentage of Completed tasks being incorrectly calculated
      • The display of the milestone summary dashboard
      • Companies were not being displayed in the Excel export of Activity Task Template

    Novade People 

    • Fixes:
      • Users imported via Excel were not visible in People, only in Manage Users

    Project Center

    • Additions:
      • Power Users to be able to manage form templates
      • Power Users to be able to delete a form at any stage of the workflow
      • create customized dashboards on web & mobile


    • Added two new fields: “Connection Software” & “Equipment ID in software” to facilitate connection with external equipment databases
    • Fixes:
      • Importing certificate expiry dates via Excel not working

    Novade Insights

    • Improved overall data quality for forms and PTWs
    • Fixes:
      • Time zone inconsistent between different time zones

    Novade Connect

    • Additions
      • Convert thermal scanner records to Workforce timecards at the end of each day
      • Link BIM 360 projects to Novade projects in order to retrieve Unit Type drawings to Novade.
      • Enable use case for BIM 360: sending defects/actions from Novade to BIM 360
    • Fixes:
      • Not being able to retrieve temperature records from Ascent, due to server connection error
      • Not being able to send user profiles from Novade to Pensees, due to deprecated Upvise codes