Novade Platform

  • Fixed issues:
    • The table was always sorted with displayed values and not with raw values
    • An error message was displayed when creating a form on iOS
    • Standard users who have no access to People module had received an error message when they clicked on “My Account”

Novade Quality

  • Added an API to retrieve an archived defect
  • Fixed issues:
    • There was some HTML code in the Excel export of defects in the comment column
    • Photo cutting onto two pages
    • Defects filter “Without Photo” displaying some defects with photo
    • Defects dashboard ‘By Tag’ tab being displayed when not enabled
    • Subform’s field data being fetched inside a custom script of a main form
    • The PDF export of an inspection report not showing a complete version on mobile
    • The files uploaded in the Files tab of an RFWI are no longer there after the RFWI is submitted
    • The units ownership where the subcons were not able to see the units
    • Users getting redirected to the landing page when clicking on a picture in a form
    • Default unit type drawing not loading

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Added the ability to skip folders with only one template on mobile
  • Added the column to indicate origin of an Observation
  • Fixed issues:
    • Client admin could not delete Safety forms
    • The user was always redirected to the PTW tab when “My Tasks” was clicked, even if the option was not enabled
    • The table in a Dashboard Designer was not sorted when clicking on the column header
    • Redirection issue whereby user was redirected to project main page after viewing a form
    • Action assignee list/options not displaying subcontractor companies

Novade Reports

  • Fixed issues:
    • The Activities dashboard detailed Excel export did not display the correcgt values of the custom fields of “Linked item(s)”
    • The view of all reports where the filter by “Creator” was not effective in the status tabs
    • An error was displayed when checking staff or adding leaves for reports

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issues:
    • Archived forms for inspections are not included during an Excel export
    • Users in the workflow of the form did not see the form under My Actions
    • The request list can not be accessed

Novade Workforce

  • Fixed issues:
    • “Retrieve Public Holidays from API” function
    • An error message displayed when viewing checkout time in the staff profile
    • An error message displayed when stopping an activity in the staff profile

Novade People

  • Fixed issues:
    • Personnel qualifications view page where the qualifications expiring in the coming 30 days were not displayed
    • Users not being able to open a PDF file in a form

Project Center

  • Web – Added the ability to filter forms/unit by clicking on Indicators in Unit and Form dashboard designer
  • Fixed issues:
    • A user was able to delete a unit even though some Safety forms were linked to this unit
    • Defect master list in setup wizard not opening