Novade Platform

  • Added a feature to ‘kick’ users who have been idle on the web form edit page for more than five minutes
  • Fixed issue:
    • Files not exported in Zip if they had the same name

Novade Quality

  • Web – Added 3D viewer under Defects Unit View dashboard to allow users to visualise the unit defect status by colour in the 3D model
  • Fixed issues:
    • The behaviour to include name (and timestamp) of the photo in the PDF export for RFWI
    • The sorting of reopen date column in dashboard table
    • Drawings were not shown when creating a form

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Fixed issues:
    • A Meeting type with a customised table view cannot be clicked on
    • Some forms not directly displayed in the unit after being created in a unit
    • The email notification does not show the full name of the form even if there are no non-English characters
    • The subforms are not displayed by default even if the setting to hide the subforms is disabled
    • The delete button that was not working in the draft forms list page of a unit

Novade Reports

  • Web – Added a Production/Worked Hours Ratio dashboard in the Activities Dashboard tab
  • Fixed issue:
    • People not assigned to a project but are able to still be checked-in in the project reports

Novade Maintenance

  • Fixed issues:
    • iOS failed to receive the notification due to a long title
    • users are brought back to the main page when accessing inspections from my actions

Novade Workforce

  • Fixed issue:
    • Not able to modify the timecard of the draft report

Novade People

  • Fixed issue:
    • The “Access Rights” page in People module where an unnecessary blue tag “Has Admin Rights” was displayed

Project Center

  • Added the ability to display multiple sentences on separate lines using line breaks for Legal Notice field
  • Fixed issues:
    • The wrong rank column in units Excel export in the setup wizard
    • Force sync is triggered even on form creation


  • Added an optional setting in the Assets module to allow technicians to edit equipment location information
  • Web – Added an On Tap Script field for Assets custom button field to allow entering a script
  • Mobile – Added the ability to scan a QR code to update an asset’s location