How a quality control checklist app can help achieve high QLASSIC scores 

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In the dynamic landscape of the construction industry, ensuring the highest standards of quality is paramount. The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia has implemented the Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC) to uphold and assess the quality of construction work. This article delves into the significance of QLASSIC and explores how a quality control checklist app can streamline quality processes and ultimately increase QLASSIC scores.

Understanding QLASSIC

QLASSIC, established by CIDB Malaysia, is a comprehensive quality assessment system designed to evaluate and quantify the workmanship quality of construction projects. It focuses on various aspects such as architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and external works. The system employs a standardised scoring mechanism to assess the quality of construction, providing a reliable benchmark for project owners, developers, and contractors alike.

The QLASSIC assessment is based on a checklist of quality standards, and scores are awarded based on the degree of compliance with these standards. The goal is to improve construction quality and ensure that projects meet or exceed industry benchmarks.

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Challenges in traditional quality management 

Traditional quality management processes in construction projects often involve manual inspections and paperwork, leading to time-consuming processes and potential errors. This can result in delays, cost overruns, and most importantly, compromises in quality management. Recognising these challenges, the industry has increasingly turned to digital solutions to streamline processes and enhance overall project efficiency.

Digital transformation: Adopting a quality control checklist app

Novade Quality is a cutting-edge construction quality control checklist app that empowers industry professionals to streamline their approach to quality assurance. This app is designed to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and elevate overall construction quality. Let’s explore how Novade Quality is making a significant impact on the QLASSIC framework and the construction industry as a whole.

  • Real-time data collection and analysis: Novade enables real-time monitoring of construction activities. This means that data is collected instantly, allowing for prompt analysis and action in response to any deviations from quality standards. This real-time approach is crucial for maintaining the highest level of construction quality.
  • Efficient inspections through mobile app: Novade’s mobile application facilitates on-site inspections, reducing the reliance on manual paperwork and expediting the inspection process. This ensures that construction quality is documented accurately and efficiently, contributing to improved QLASSIC scores.
  • Comprehensive quality documentation: The app provides a centralised repository for all quality-related documentation, making it easy for stakeholders to access and review information. This comprehensive documentation not only improves transparency but also aids in the continual improvement of construction processes.
  • Automated reporting and communication: Novade automates the reporting process, enabling quick and efficient communication among project stakeholders. This ensures that everyone is well-informed about quality standards, deviations, and corrective actions, fostering collaboration and alignment with QLASSIC requirements.
  • Enhanced collaboration and accountability: Novade’s collaborative features promote communication and accountability among project teams. This fosters a culture of quality consciousness and ensures that all team members are actively engaged in maintaining and improving construction quality.

“Under the CR 4.0 execution, there is a great emphasis on digital transformation with the existing assessments that we are carrying out.”

- Dato’ Ts Dr Gerald Sundaraj

Chief Executive Officer, Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM)

Benefits of a high QLASSIC score

QLASSIC is not just an assessment system – it benefits both developers and homeowners. Achieving a high QLASSIC score means your project has met stringent quality standards and brings numerous benefits: 

  • Enhanced reputation – stand out with a recognised mark of quality while attracting potential business with a proven track record of excellence
  • Reduced maintenance costs – high-quality construction translates to fewer repairs and longer lifespan
  • Improved safety and cost savings – Safety is prioritised throughout the construction and handover process, in turn helping you save costs on any rework
  • Peace of mind – homeowners have a piece of mind knowing that their homes have been built to the highest quality standards
  • Higher resale value – High QLASSIC score homes tend to have higher resale values

Improve your QLASSIC scores with Novade

As the construction industry in Malaysia embraces digital transformation, Novade Quality emerges as a key player in enhancing the QLASSIC framework and overall quality processes. By leveraging the power of technology, construction professionals can streamline workflows, improve transparency, and achieve higher QLASSIC scores. Novade is not merely a construction software solution; it is a catalyst for positive change, paving the way for a future where construction projects in Malaysia consistently meet and exceed the highest standards of quality. As the industry continues to evolve, the integration of such innovative solutions will be instrumental in shaping a new era of construction excellence.

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