Novade Product Update for December 2021


New Timekit integration simplifies construction booking and scheduling experience

It’s the holiday season and the elves at Novade are working hard to further enhance the platform with exciting updates to keep our customers full of cheer through 2022.

Users will be able to simplify site communication and build greater relationships by connecting teams with advanced appointment scheduling through the Novade-Timekit integration. The integration onto the Novade construction management platform enables you to seamlessly view and coordinate bookings, such as scheduling handovers and inspections, while managing key site processes on one integrated app. You can find more information on how the integration simplifies handover scheduling here.

Happy exploring and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Novade Quality

  • Added Defect ID in the Defect table
  • Removed Chinese characters in the Timekit booking system integration
  • Added Date & Time field for Custom Tableview in RFWIs
  • Added Sort defects by ‘Type’ and added filters ‘Type’ and ‘Location’ in Cases on mobile
  • Web – added the ability to display IFC 3D models
  • Fixes:
    • Signature appears blank after the RFWI was submitted by a user
    • Form numbers did not run sequentially according to units
    • A duplicated RFWI
    • A Form error status after it was rejected
    • The Defect ID was not displaying in My Actions view on mobile
    • Quality did not work on Microsoft Edge
    • User accounts view differing counts of the same Form
    • Parent form template was missing
    • A Windward PDF custom report could not be viewed
    • The RFWI had a missing predefined date & time field in the Excel export
    • An assignee name was incorrectly displayed after selecting Defect Subtype
    • The name of the exported Excel file was incorrect
    • The defect assignee sorting
    • Defect Status column display error

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Improved the drawings display page to help manage conflicting PTWs
  • Added a ‘Date Filter’ tab within the PTW ‘Types’ section
  • Fixed:
    • The PTW PDF & Word custom export
    • The ‘Archive’ tab count for Safety forms
    • The PTW v1 showed Revoke instead of Reject
    • An incorrect pie chart title on a dashboard
    • The submit button was not displaying after creating an action for subcons

Novade Reports

  • Additions:
    • Created bonuses when adding timecards on web & mobile
    • A flexible chart to follow the adoption of team reports & site diaries, and to identify users with pending required actions
    • View daily targets in report activities, and to edit them for admins and power users on web & mobile
    • More information about cycles in the cycles table of the “Cycle Analysis” section
    • Project progress displayed as a percentage in charts
    • Automatically pinned an activity in a report on web & mobile if the date of the report is between the activity planned start and end dates
    • Automatically focused on the field displayed on the web when the user clicks on a value in a table to edit it in order to avoid additional clicks
    • Able to create a similar report (same team, same template, same date) on another unit, and to easily switch between similar reports linked to different units
    • Fixes:
      • The creator filter was not working in the calendar page
      • Pagination not resetting to the first page when switching between items of a list

Novade Maintenance

  • Added a column to include linked Jobs ID in the Request Excel export
  • Added Request ID in the table view and the Excel export
  • Added an API to fetch Meter Readings data
  • Fixes:
    • The date sorting in some tables
    • Approved inspections were reappearing as Submitted
    • The search bar on Assets page
    • Request notifications for new and closed requests
    • Job assignment notifications
    • Requests could not be deleted when not linked to a job

Novade Activity

  • Fixes:
    • Imported units did not appear in the Unit Tab
    • Trying to view a checklist
    • Missing teams in the filter under the Tasks tab

Novade People 

  • CSP – Added a new feature to track and update site staff Antigen Rapid Test (ART) details on the web
  • Added the 2FA as an Access Right and to update all Access Rights using excel import
  • Moved Access Rights from Project Center to People user settings
  • Added a feature to send a Welcome email when new users (with an account) are created via Excel import
  • Fixes:
    • All admin accounts have rights on files and forms added automatically, even after removal
    • The Forms module was re-enabled for an account when validating a profile on People module
    • A non-ASCII character restricted the importing of new accounts and put a check in place to prevent such disruptions

Project Center

  • Fixes:
    • The deletion of user role
    • The display of the timeline in new standardised dashboards in the Dashboard Designer
    • The check when deleting a template with archived Forms
    • The PDF file of QR codes
    • The display on Quality User Rights page
    • The Project Inspection Type settings under Safety-HSE

Novade Insights

  • Improved the data quality of form history
  • Patched the Apache Log4j security issue on the dashboard platform

Novade Connect

  • Additions
    • Easily set up and enabled timecard (Workforce) creation from thermal scanner records
    • Send forms as PDF to TpPLM hub/repository based on certain conditions
    • The integration with Timekit which enables calendar booking system with Novade platform
  • Fixes:
    • Mismatch between Pensees and Novade people profiles due to wrong NRIC/FIN field used
    • Booking system cancellation due to incorrect payload schema from Timekit