Novade Product Update for March 2021


Notifications for outstanding forms and safety actions

Users of the Novade Quality and Novade Safety-HSE modules will now receive notifications for outstanding quality forms and safety actions. This feature, which also complies with Hong Kong’s Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS), enables users to follow up on pending tasks promptly.

Novade Quality

  • Additions:
    • Filters for Forms -> Types/Status
    • The ability to UnReject a Rejected Form
    • The ability to archive defects without cases
  • Replaced Joint Inspection with more flexible Submit Defects terminology
  • Web – Improved UI to make cursor change to a hand when on a clickable element
  • Fixed issues:
    • The legend for Forms by State was duplicated on Forms -> Types -> Template Type
    • Adding Restricted Consultant to cc on a defect that caused a JavaScript error
    • Restricted Consultants not being able to see defects they are cc’ed on
    • Archived defects were not being included in the Closed Defect count
    • Count of Assignees display
    • Archived defects count not being displayed in Excel exports
    • Scanned documents being compressed onto one page in a PDF export
    • Photos not being evenly distributed in a PDF export
    • Defects created from a punch item having NaN appended to the number
    • A mismatch between the number of Inspection Types shown as Completed on Dashboard and those on Pending Close tab
    • A JavaScript error when homeowners click on View Defect List
    • Read-only fields not displaying
    • Read-only accounts could still create forms

Novade Safety-HSE

  • Web – Improved UI to make cursor change to a hand when on a clickable element
  • Actions – added the ability to send notifications for overdue/outstanding safety actions
  • WPTW additions:
    • The ability to import Daily Signatories via Excel
    • A check to highlight WPTWs imported without daily signatories
  • Observations – Web: added a Name column in the table view
  • Fixed issues:
    • Users could upload photos from the web using the camera or scan document options
    • Old WPTWs were not getting the updated signatories
    • The workflow history of archived WPTWs was not included in Excel exports
    • Some safety forms with sub-forms having illegible PDF exports
    • Client Admins not being able to delete safety objects that are not Draft or Closed
    • Chinese language devices not being able to see the link to the duplicated item on PTWs
    • Photos not being able to be added in states other than Draft
    • Filters being applied on PTW dashboard randomly
    • Take Photo function on web
    • Actions created from a punch item on a form were missing an Assignee
    • Subcon type users were encountering a SQL logic error when accessing a project
    • PTWs that were restored from archival were missing subforms
    • A delay accessing Meetings on the web and the number of forms was not displaying
    • The “Click to Expand” button was not working on the Web under Observations by Type
    • The Close button not showing on Observations for users with the rights to Close
    • Observations being automatically categorized as “1”
    • Meetings with Observations could not be exported to PDF
    • Exporting PDF and Summary of Actions

Novade Reports

  • Major enhancement of dashboards:
    • New dashboard for Worked Hours
    • Ability to visualise daily targets in Activity and Worked Hours tables
    • Ability to display both daily targets and project targets in Activity line chart dashboard
  • Web – added the ability to hide the summary numbers on Reports page
  • Fixed issues:
  • The application was crashing when there was too much data to fetch on the “Target” dashboard
  • Made the other activities pages accessible in the pagination

Novade Maintenance

  • Added audit logs for Jobs Excel import
  • Fixed issues:
    • Removed a duplicate Address field in the Request page
    • The display of data on dashboards immediately upon login

Novade Activity

  • Optimised code to handle a large number of My Actions
  • Fixed issues:
    • Updating activity templates deleting not started tasks while a user was creating a form at the same time.
    • Downloading PDF forms from the web
    • Tasks with only Rejected forms were allowed to be Completed
    • Viewing the history tab of a task
    • Duplicated forms crashing the app
    • Team managers were unable to view the Start Task button
    • Restoring archived sub-forms
    • Forms statuses and Tasks not displaying in list views
    • Exporting forms to Excel
    • View All Accounts being able to edit Closed forms
    • (R.Archived) appearing after re-importing tasks

Novade People

  • Added the ability for Power Users to add projects to Companies
  • Improved the export format of Qualifications
  • Added the ability to display custom dashboards on mobile to display Induction forms
  • Fixed issues:
    • A blank screen showing on iOS devices after adding a company or team
    • Creating induction accounts via import
    • People without an account were not included in the Covid-19 Safe Platform Excel export
    • An account language could not be changed
    • Syncing users to the Pensees platform
    • Duplicate users were being created when importing via Excel
    • Teams’ filters were not working
    • Thermal Scanner check-in information not showing on mobile

Project Center

  • Fixed issues:
    • Deleting Observation types
    • Linking Templates to a Novade Unit not available for modules other than Novade Quality
    • “Use Cases” could not be disabled
    • Editable fields were not visible in the workflow
    • Incident types with incidents associated could be deleted
    • Viewing whether an account was in beta or not

Novade Insights

  • Reports:
    • Improvement in Data Architecture should lead to faster query
    • Adding Activity type and subtype dimension for reports
  • Overall: improvement in stability
  • Fixed issues with:
    • Quality forms – dummy data was displayed
    • Table export – the pdf and excel export didn’t follow the original formatting
    • Access – Some users could not connect to Insights
    • Formatting – the duration format was not using space between value and unit (for example “12days8h” is now “12 days 8 h”)
    • Safety forms – rejected forms by user pie chart only returns 100%